The award winning waterless urinal

coupled with an ambient digital media channel that forms part of a highly innovative, engaging and practical washroom solution.

URIMAT offers high-resolution LCD-screens with animated messages that hit home within your target group.

A modern and audience-specific medium that allows you or your customers to address your target group in the most effective way. The URIMAT media partners will be pleased to advise you.

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The Urimat WiFi-Network

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The Acceptance Study was performed in Switzerland by the renowned market research institute, IHA-GfK.


  • 93%

    of all those surveyed said the advertising screen was the first thing they noticed on the URIMAT!

  • 96%

    find the advertising on the URIMAT positive or aren’t bothered by it!!

  • 90%

    remember the message on the URIMAT advertising display!

This is how it works


Content is sent to Urimats dedicated data management, who then deploy it via a HTTPS/SSL network.

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Using highly secure cloud based technology, were able to deploy content on a local, national or global basis.

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The content is received by our cloud based network, and sent wirelessly to our onsite media device.

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Moments after content is deployed it will appear on the networked screen. Content can also be schedule to go live at a later time/date.

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There are a variety of media devices available for powering digital signage via the URIMAT dedicated data managment

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Benefits include:

  • High impact LCD screen
  • High recall rate @ 90% and non-intrusive
  • Demographically targeted male audience
  • Play video, images, Livestream & RSS etc
  • HTTPS secure remote content deployment
  • Campaigns deployed nationally/regionally in seconds
  • Update creative content hourly, daily or weekly
  • 5 – 40 sec adverts - shared on rotation or dedicated
  • Low production costs

URIMAT the award winning waterless urinal

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Screen Utilisation

URIMAT can be used by a variety of market sectors to demographically target high footfall audiences in male washrooms throughout shopping malls, sports stadia, highway service stations, restaurants, clubs, bars and tourists locations, to name a few.

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The ecological environmental system.

  1. High-tech polycarbonate bowl, carbon-neutral manufacturing, 100% recyclable
  2. Unique odour trap technology with integrated cleaning system Saving minimum 100,000 litres of drinking water a year per urinal = 17.5 kg less CO2
  3. Microbiological cleaning system
  4. Financing possibility through advertising
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URIMAT Schweiz AG, Etzelstrasse 39, CH-8634 Hombrechtikon